Today at Apple, Product Skills Sessions are now available online for everyone –

Today at Apple offers more free creative sessions online for anyone to attend. Starting in March, Product Skills sessions covering the basics of iPhone, iPad, and Mac will be available in a new virtual format.

COVID-19 has kept Today at Apple out of US Apple Stores for almost a year, but the creativity never stopped online. Virtual sessions hosted on Webex are a growing alternative that is more accessible to customers anywhere.

Apple says the virtual versions of its popular Product Skills sessions are designed for those who are new to their device, recently updated, or just want to learn more about how to get the most out of their iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The sessions will cover the concepts hardware and software basics, tips to stay productive while working at home, and resources to get more done with your devices. Apple began offering similar sessions in Australia in January for students preparing for the new term.

All Today at Apple virtual sessions include an interactive question and answer segment. Your voice, face, and name will not be visible to other participants, but you can send questions through the session chat. If you are using an iPhone or iPad to join, download the Cisco Web Meetings app in advance to avoid losing your login.

You can register starting today at or by using any of the direct links below:

Apple is also highlighting upcoming artist presentation sessions throughout March in collaboration with It’s Nice That. The sessions are part of New World, a series that celebrates the role of creativity in rebuilding a better world.

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Siham Ali spoke with three artists who redefine beauty and inclusion. Each artist’s session is in celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8:

These artists continually challenge the very notions of beauty, power, and representation through their work. By rethinking narratives and seeking beauty where others may not see it, they show us the possibilities of a new world in which anyone can take the helm.

You can register for the March New World session schedule on Apple’s website.

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