Toilet deal in the Brexit dispute

What do dixi toilets have to do with Brexit? Here is the answer.

London l Boris Johnson, the British Brexit chaot, the most inept Prime Minister in Her Majesty’s 68-year reign. The mainland European view of the turmoil in London is fairly clear. And unfair!

In view of the threatened hard rift between the island and the EU, no other government is so touchingly concerned with the basic needs of the people – regardless of nationality. The authorities are currently ordering thousands of Dixi toilets to be set up on the major roads on the English Channel after the reintroduction of border and customs controls.

Because: There is a risk of mega traffic jams with truck drivers trapped in them for hours or even days. The idea behind the toilet deal: “We want to minimize the impact on the drivers, who are already working very hard,” said Secretary of State for Transport Rachel Maclean. Only the malicious should interpret the upcoming Dixi-Alleen differently: namely as a sign that Johnson doesn’t give a shit about the EU.

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