Tom Brady visita Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge en Orlando

Celebrating the victory of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the star of the National Football League of the United States toured and visited for the first time the compound that awaits the history of the iconic George Lucas franchise, now owned by Disney, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Florida. This happened just last Monday, the fans were witnesses of Brady’s adventures through their social networks.

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Looking back, the footballer had promised to visit Disney World in February and he kept it. In his instagram account you can see how he plays with his own lightsaber in Savi’s WorkshopYou can also see him drinking blue and green milk and you can see how he lives with the legendary Stormtrooper. The most valuable player in the NFL was able to venture to the most emblematic attractions of the park. He visited the Millionaire Falcon: Smuggler’s Race and led an interactive mission aboard Han Solo’s ship.

Brady also starred in an epic battle against the First Order in the game Star Wars: The Rise of the Resistance. The visit of the popular sportsman was highly anticipated by fans of both the franchise and fans of American football, because after the publication of his ad “I’m going to Disney World!” Thousands of Americans were waiting for this tour and to know with their own voice what it is like to know the world of Star Wars.

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Without a doubt, this is already part of the historical tradition of the winners of the Super Bowl, since since 1987, field marshals have visited Disney, like Phil Simms ‘who attended the Walt Disnet World Resort after the New York Giants’ victory.

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On this occasion, the Buccaneers – a team led by Brady – managed to beat the Kansas City Chiefs on February 7 of this year and this was the reward and award to the fans that the quarterback fulfilled.


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