Police are investigating attacks after a man threw a milkshake over far-right activist Tommy Robinson when he campaigned for the European elections.

Two people were injured and hospitalized, but were released after the Warrington incident.

Chief Inspector Simon Meegan of the Cheshire Constabulary said, "We're serious about this matter."

Mr. Robinson spoke before the fight with Mr. Mahmud. Pic: @SianyJx
Robinson spoke before the fight with Mr. Mahmud. Pic: @SianyJx

The troop said in a statement, "Officers are aware of a series of assaults that presumably took place on Thursday, May 2, between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm on Bridge Street.

"Two people were injured and hospitalized – both have since been released, and no arrests have been made and no investigations are being conducted."

The former leader of the English Defense League, representing an independent representative of the European Parliament in the northwestern United States, had the drink thrown over his head and shoulders when he arrived in the city.

In a video posted on Twitter about the incident, Robinson can talk to Danyal Mahmud from Blackburn.

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He begins arguing with Mr. Mahmud before McDonald's milk shake is thrown over him.

A ruffian breaks out and Robinson seems to hit the man with several blows before the two are pulled apart.

Mr. Mahmud has told the Lancashire Telegraph that he has received ill-treatment and threats since the incident and said, "I am afraid for my safety."

An activist against racism has claimed she was beaten by followers of Robinson when fighting broke out in the city.

Alice Edwards said she suffered a broken nose in the brawl and posted pictures of herself with injuries to her nose, mouth and injured cheek.

The incident occurred after the candidate threw a milkshake over him, the Daily Mail reported.

Chief Inspector Meegan said the police investigation was "complex" and involved a large number of people, but stressed that the police are treating the matter seriously.

He added, "We know that there have been many conversations, videos and speculations about what has happened on the social media, but we need to hear from the people who were there at the time and witnessed what happened.

"In particular, we want to hear from everyone who was in the area at the time and recorded the incident on their mobile phone.

"We will not tolerate riots or violence in Warrington, regardless of motivation."

Lisa Reynolds, Communications Director for Robinson's campaign, told Sky News that he was being approached by "a handful of organized agitators" who "provoked Tommy and his followers for two days."

Ms. Reynolds said the campaign "already employs professional security and co-ordinates daily with the police to ensure safety."

It comes after a separate video showed how the 36-year-old was attacked on Wednesday in Bury, Greater Manchester, with a milkshake.

In a third video released on Tuesday, the MEP's candidate is confronted by a woman in Salford who accuses him of injecting "just a load of S ****" to get publicity.