Tönnies invests in Great Britain

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Regardless of the uncertain Brexit consequences, the German group of companies Tönnies wants to invest 25 million euros (almost 27 million Swiss francs) in its locations in Great Britain.

As the company announced, the internationalization strategy will be continued. The Tönnies subsidiary CPC Meats is already the market leader for bacon in Great Britain and produces for the British market at three locations in Suffolk, Coventry and Malton. This year the company on the island will for the first time exceed a turnover of 500 million euros (538 million Swiss francs).

Due to the increasing demand for high-quality sausage products, investments are now being made in further production facilities, with a special focus on the market for free-range meat. “The UK market is a growth market for us. There we want to meet the growing consumer demand with our quality meat, ”said Tönnies managing director Frank Duffe, explaining the investment.

According to him, Tönnies prepared for Brexit two years ago and strengthened its own production in Great Britain by buying C&K Meats. British consumers are relying more and more on regional products that CPC Meats produces locally regardless of import permits and possible import duties.

According to Tönnies, the British way of promoting domestic agriculture and the processing of food is also taking place in other parts of Europe – with a few exceptions. Spain, Denmark and France also increased their agricultural production. The aim is to maintain their own rural structures there against international competition and thus enable consumers to enjoy low food prices.

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