Tony Bellew is reluctant to withdraw from the ring, though he promised his wife he would put on his gloves.

The Liverpudlian competes on Saturday night against the unified world cruiserweight champion, Oleksandr Usyk, in the biggest fight of his career.

He had praised his wife Rachael Roberts, this was his last hurray – but now he seems to be uncertain.

When Bellew recalled his promise, he said, "I have a partner, I have – but we'll see.

"We'll see, buddy, this is the big one, it can not get bigger, it can not get any higher, and on Saturday night, all the belts in the series are: one face, one name, one champion.

Tony Bellew has promised his wife to retire after fighting with Oleksandr Usyk

There's a new king in town, and it's going to be Tony Bellew. "

And when he was asked again if this was his swan song, he added, "It should be, it should be, I think … yes, that's it.

"I have to accept it sometime … yes, that's it."

Bellew returns to cruiserweight after cross-beating David Haye at heavyweight.

He challenges Usyk after the Ukrainians' victory in the World Boxing Super Series earlier this year.

Bellew faces a strong opponent in Usyk

Bellew added, "I have to beat him up on Saturday or find a way to make the impossible possible.

"The only chance I have is the chance of a punche – I can not bring this man out of the shipping." He is a formidable opponent, he has everything a boxer can wish for, and he is a terrible Southpaw.

"But I've shown what I can do in the heavyweight division, and I think I'll show even more of what I can do cruiserweight, faster, sharper and possibly even cruiserweight.

"As good as he is, great as he is, he hits someone with something in him, I do not know what I'll do if I do, but I just know I'll do it Beat him on Saturday really hard in the face. "

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