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Tony Blair compared himself to Boris Johnson when he noticed that Prime Minister Tory is making Brexit “right”. The former Labor prime minister explained that the Labor party could have stopped Brexit if it had been a “serious opposition”. Speaking at King’s College London, Blair said, “As for Brexit, I’m really willing to listen to both sides of the discussion. I’m willing to really listen to what people say about it.

“I think curiously about Boris Johnson and the same position that I don’t think you can ever unite the country with Brexit.

“You can join them after Brexit.

“If we had stopped Brexit, I think we could have done if we had had a serious opposition.

“You should immediately address all the problems that have arisen from Brexit.

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“You should have taken a whole series of measures to make sure you are bringing those people back to the fact that they alienated them in a way by not doing Brexit.

“I think what Boris Johnson is doing is wrapping him on the other side.

“He will make Brexit and reach all these places in the north and try to keep those people from Brexit with him.”

He continued to snub the leadership of the Jerem Corbyn party.

Blair: “The thing with the Labor Party is that it must understand its history.

“He never won when he was on the far left, never.”

The former prime minister went on to explain what turns off voters.

He said: “Today an attachment to a form of state power, I don’t think people believe it in today’s world.”

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