Tony Blair warns that abandoning Jeremy Corbyn’s leftist agenda will not be enough for Labor’s victory

Abandoning Jeremy Corbyn’s leftist agenda will not be enough for Labor to win the election, Tony Blair will say today.

In a speech on the 120th anniversary of the party’s founding, the former Labor leader is expected to say that the party has an “extraordinary attachment” to withdraw to “a narrow part of the left” – instead of aiming for the center, where have previously won.

And he will say that the only way forward for the party is “fundamental reconstruction”. “If the job becomes more moderate and less extreme, it will obviously do better,” said the former prime minister.

“But not much. The problem is that we have defined radical politics according to a political agenda that is hopelessly obsolete, with a” moderate “policy that is only a milder version.

“We have to redefine what radical means. We are experiencing a technological revolution that is the 21st century equivalent of the 19th century industrial revolution.

Blair admits that his advice may not be welcome in today’s Labor party

“Everything will change and therefore everything should change, including a radical reorientation of the government.

“This is the context in which we face inequality, promote social justice and redistribute power.”

Speaking in London, he expects me to admit that his advice is not “particularly welcome to today’s party”.

But he will add: “Then it occurred to me that there are only two people born in the past 120 years who have actually won an election for the job.

“And unfortunately Harold Wilson is gone.”

Tony Blair praised Harold Wilson as a successful Labor leader

As the ballots come out to allow members to choose Corbyn’s replacement, the three-time election winner will say that this challenge will be “a bigger mountain than who will be the next Labor leader.”

It is expected that he will say: “2020 is not 1997 or even 2007.

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“And 2030 will be a different revolution from 2020. It is always about the future.

“Precisely for this reason, because as we aim forward, we have traveled backwards, no less than” reborn “from the head to the renewal of the fingers, it will do.”


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