Top 10 most powerful global Android smartphones [Octubre 2020]

Last week, AnTuTu published the list of the 10 most powerful smartphones marketed in China. Now, the popular benchmark has unveiled the top 10 ‘global’ smartphones sold worldwide.

The data collection period is from September 1 to September 30, and the scores displayed are always average values โ€‹โ€‹of the AnTuTu score, rather than the highest.

For each model, at least more than 1,000 scores have been analyzed. In case the number of available measurements was not sufficient, the model has not been included in the ranking.

AnTuTu not only measures CPU, GPU, memory and storage performance, but also takes into account how smoothly the interface moves, which is why smartphones with displays with high refresh rates (90 Hz or higher) achieve best score.

This ranking presents some changes compared to what we saw last month, with new models that have been added to the list and others that have come out.

The most powerful smartphone according to the well-known Chinese benchmark is again for the second consecutive month the ASUS ROG Phone 3 [๐Ÿ›’ย Amazon], with an excellent score of 642,671 points.

The new ASUS gaming smartphone looks somewhat different from the previous generation, and has the honor of being the second smartphone in the world with the powerful snapdragon 865 Plus chip. Its predecessor, the ROG Phone 2, was the first phone with a Snapdragon 855 Plus processor last year and was in the top spot for several months.

The second position is now occupied by the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra [๐Ÿ›’ Amazon] with 12GB / 256GB, which reaches 640,296 points.

This smartphone has a Snapdragon 865 processor and features technologies developed by Xiaomi to improve performance, such as Write Tubo. In addition, MIUI 12 includes a functionality in this phone called GameTurbo 4.0 that allows you to control the GPU frequency of a game and the degree of performance of the chip.

Third we have the the Oppo Find X2 Pro [๐Ÿ›’Amazon] with 12GB / 512GB with an average score of 610,961 points, that we had the opportunity to analyze a few months ago. This smartphone remains in third position for another month.

In the fourth position we find the OnePlus 8 Pro [๐Ÿ›’Amazon] with 12GB / 256GB, which gets 598,891 points.

The performance of OnePlus phones is always impressive as the customization layer is very light.

In fifth position, we find the iQOO Neo 3 [๐Ÿ›’ AliExpress] with 595,329 points, a very high value. The IQOO Neo 3 mounts a screen with the highest screen refreshment available, 144 Hz, as well as a Snapdragon 865 processor and up to 12 GB of RAM.

Next, in sixth place, is the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G 12GB / 256GB with Snapdragon 865+ processor, which you get 594,890 points. This smartphone was launched in early August and is the highest rated smartphone with 99.99% positive reviews on

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In seventh place we have a new device, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 12GB / 256GB, which has a score of 593,546 points. It is the only folding smartphone in the Top 10, and it has a Snapdragon 865 chip with 12GB of RAM.

The eighth place is occupied by the Redmi K30 Pro with 8GB / 128GB, with an average score of 591,941 points. This smartphone is marketed outside of China as Poco F2 Pro [๐Ÿ›’ย Amazon]-.

In ninth position we have the Xiaomi Mi 10 [๐Ÿ›’Amazon] with 8GB / 256GB, which gets 582,055 points thanks to its Snapdragon 865 chip.

The last position is occupied by the OnePlus 8 [๐Ÿ›’Amazon] 8GB / 128GB with Snapdragon 865 chip. It is the younger brother of the OnePlus 8 Pro that occupies the fourth position in the ranking.

Most of the Android flagships on the list are equipped with Snapdragon 865, and only three of them carry a Snapdragon 865 Plus chip. It is surprising that there is no chip from another manufacturer, given that there is no trace of Kirin, Exynos or MediaTek chips in the ranking.

We eagerly await Huawei to introduce the Mate 40 with its new Kirin chip to see how it fares against its high-end rivals.

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