Tories take a six point lead on Labor, despite the Brexit civil war that has thrown the party into chaos and threatens to torpedo the May deal. YouGov-poll for campaign People & # 39; s vote gave Tories an important lead on Laborurvey shows that Jeremy Corbyn could not benefit from the Tory Brexit civil war The poll predicts that millions more voters can pass the Labor party on Brexit

Kate Ferguson, Senior Political correspondent for Mailonline

10:04 EST, January 6, 2019

10:05 am EST, January 6, 2019

The Tories have taken a lead of six points on Labor – despite the Brexit civil war that has plunged the party into chaos. A new YouGov poll of 25,000 people has determined that the Tories are now at 40 points – while Jeremy Corbyn's Labor is lagging behind only 34 points. And Mr. Corbyn risks to lead his party to a worse defeat than the historic one who suffered from Michael Foot in 1983. The survey, commissioned by the People & # 39; s Vote anti Brexit campaign, is a boost for Theresa May she desperately tries to drum support for her Brexit deal. Prime Minister MPs are at war with Brexit, with hardline Eurosceptics casting a vote of confidence in Ms. May to try and dismiss her as leader. The Prime Minister survived the vote at the end of last month, but the ordeal was a big blow to her authority and she had to promise her MPs that she would stop for the next election. The poll suggests that despite the turmoil and insane speculation, the premiership of Mrs. May was on the brink of collapse, Mr. Corbyn failed to take advantage of the disorder.

The Tories have taken a lead of six points on Labor – despite the Brexit civil war that has plunged the party into chaos (poll pictured). It also suggests that while Labor is now lagging behind on the Tories, it could lose millions more voters than its Brexit stance. It found that Labor's voting behavior could reduce another eight points-up to 26 percent-and 16 points behind the conservatives if its MPs voted with the Tories to bring about the Brexit. This would be worse than the 28 percent share in Labor's victory in 1983 under Mr. Foot, which represented the most dismal election performance since the 1930s. Peter Kellner, a former president of YouGov and one of the leading opinion polls in Britain, said: & # 39; If Labor facilitates the Brexit in any form whatsoever, the results from YouGov indicate that the party would be abandoned by millions of remaining voters – without receiving additional support from Late voters behind. So there is a risk of losing Remaining seats where the party has turned well in 2017 – the most famous Kensington and Canterbury, but also a large number of other constituencies in and around London, and others with a large student population – without any reclaim land lost in the traditional core areas of the North and Midlands party. "In 2016 Labor voters distributed two to one in favor of a stay in the EU Today, Labor voters divide 83-17 percent if the choice is Remaining versus the Broadcasting Agreement and 80-20 percent in a Remain-No Deal contest . & # 39; There are huge and obvious risks to thwart such huge majorities – either by resisting a referendum or by campaigning against the Brexit. "David Lammy, The Labor MP and a prominent supporter of the People & # 39; s Vote campaign, said the findings should be a "sobering wake-up call for my party, as well as the government." He said: & # 39; Labor members and supporters are overwhelmingly in favor of a popular vote with the option to stay in the European Union because the Brexit is exposed as a hard-core Tory fantasy representing the standard of living, the NHS and the future of our young people. will destroy. & # 39; Only a few months before we leave the EU, our company is still on the fence. "Over the biggest problem of our generation, Labor risks complicity in the historical mistake of the Conservative Party." Although we are in opposition because of the weakness of the government, we have the ability to save our country from catastrophe. and so we have to deal with both. hands. If we do not, this poll shows that it is labor, not the Tories, which will be punished in the ballot box. We do not just risk killing our chances at the next election, we will betray millions of voters, especially young people – who saw us as a beacon of hope and trusted us only 18 months ago. The time for generalization and cunt fights on Brexit is long gone – we must now pronounce the clear majority of those who demand a final word. & # 39;

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