The fans of Leeds United have shown their fury before the meeting against Birmingham City next Saturday after Marcelo Bielsa was reportedly substituted.

64-year-old Bielsa agreed to remain head coach in the summer after Leeds failed to win promotion last season and his current contract expires in June.

If the whites fall short of time to reach the Premier League – they are currently fifth before the meeting with Blues – the Argentine is expected to leave.

But the fans are not happy after it was claimed that Steven Gerrard was considered by the Elland Road hierarchy to be Bielsa's successor.

Steven Gerrard

According to reports from the national media, Gerrard, who is currently in charge of Rangers and is to become Jurgen Klopp's successor in Liverpool, is the manager Leeds could turn to when he needs to get someone new.

That would reward the proposals that Carlos Corberan, who currently has a dual role as coach of the first team and head of the U-23 national team, is ready to settle in Bielsa. The fans of Leeds responded to the rumor of Gerrard

@ROI_LUFC: Changing from Marcleo Bielsa to Steven Gerrard is like switching from a Ferrari F50 to a Fiat 500. No, thanks.

@HeadlessHorus: Crikey, we have not even missed the climb, but apparently Stevie Gerrard is at the top of the # LUFC hit list to take the lead when Bielsa leaves (says unknown reports). Do not think we're red enough for him.

@ Adam Jones1995: If you'd rather have Stevie Gerrard about Carlos Corberan as the next Leeds manager, you've missed the point of the past 15 months or so.

@ Whitesoldier62: Do not believe the Gerrard rumor why we should risk losing the philosophy of Bielsa, which he has associated with the club's best football for years – from the under-23s to the first team. Certainly Coberan can push this forward instead of introducing a new way of working.

@ Drakey21587: For what they have achieved, I would rather have Bowyer.

@Yonyteboah: No no no no no no no

@ Binnsy27: We are not all Bielsa.

@PaulSpink1: If there is no story about Leeds, let us invent one to continue their constant disruption.

@ Lee34155375: What utter nonsense. He and Frank Lampard – both Sky media love children – Bielsa do not come to the ankles.

@Parma__D: If it's not Carlos Coberaen, we'll go backwards.

@ Mani_LUFC1919: I think it's an international break and the press has nothing to say.