Tottenham vs Wolfsberg | Date, time and channel to watch the Europa League live, online and on TV

Tottenham lost all chance to fight for the title of the Premier League several dates ago, and is even in danger of qualifying for international competitions next season. The defeat against West Ham leaves the Spurs very committed.

José Mourinho’s pupils are seven units away from Chelsea, which cuts the advanced group with the classification to the UEFA Europa League. The blues recovered from the hand of Thomas Tuchel while the North London painting has been making water for several dates.

The 2-1 defeat against the Hammers, places Tottenham in ninth position with a discreet 36 points. In the last five dates, they have barely won one game and lost four. A very poor record according to the quality of the team’s players.

Mou’s only options left to win this season are the Carabao Cup (finalist against Manchester City) and the Europa League -was removed from the FA Cup-. In the framework of the European competition, he has practically assured the passage to the round of 16 after beating Wolfsberg 4-1 as a visitor. Goals away from home have almost sentenced the tie of the second-order tournament in the old continent.

Day and time: when do Tottenham and Wolfsberg play for the Europa League?

Tottenham and Wolfsberg will play the February 24 at 2:00 p.m. in Chile.

Television: where to see Tottenham vs Wolfsberg live on TV?

The meeting will be televised by ESPN 3. Check your cable operator here:

VTR: 153 (SD) – 842 (HD)
DTV: 626 (SD) – 1626 (HD)
ENTEL: 216 (HD)
CLARO: 176 (SD) – 476 (HD)
GTD/TELSUR: 86 (SD) – 854 (HD)
MOVISTAR: 495 (SD) – 887 (HD)
TU VES: 108 (HD) – 512 (HD)

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Online: where to watch the game via streaming?

The online broadcast will be available at ESPN Play.


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