Toulouse: a new solidarity grocery store on avenue de Grande Bretagne

After Colomiers in 2017, the INSERVICES association, which works for the integration or reintegration of people in difficulty, has just set up its new solidarity grocery store in Toulouse at 47/49 avenue de Grande Bretagne. It is open for the moment only by appointment and after registration, Monday and Tuesday afternoon “this room was offered to us in 2019 by Toulouse Métropole, but due to the health crisis, 2020 was a blank year for us “explains Cindy Saint-André Venturini, founder and president of INSERVICES. The solidarity grocery store is aimed at a variety of populations: beneficiaries of social minima, but also people who are experiencing temporary difficulties. “Our wish is to offer an alternative to associations such as Restos du Cœur or Secours Catholique, for example,” she adds. Thanks to partnerships with the Food Bank and department stores, food and hygiene products are sold at a reduction of 70% to 90% compared to market prices. However, the association ensures the quality of the products and works in particular with brands such as Biocoop or Grand frais. “We make sure that the most disadvantaged can eat and eat well. For the end of the year celebrations, for example, we offer langoustines”, emphasizes Cindy Saint-André Venturini. Very involved in her association which has 3 employees and 8 volunteers, in 2019 she received the Women Entrepreneurs award and was distinguished this year for the exhibition “Remarkable and inspiring women”, on the occasion of the International Day for Human Rights. women.

Solidarity grocery store 47/49 avenue de Grande Bretagne Toulouse – By appointment Monday and Tuesday from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. after registration at 06 63 39 68 47.
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