The Kent County Council fears that school meals may be affected and the number of migrants may increase in the event of "no-deal" exodus.

Sky News has published a report outlining the preparation of the Council for leaving the UK from the EU without an agreement.

The document also warns:

:: 10,000 additional lorries would have to be routinely housed in Kent – so the traffic is so poor that the caregivers can not reach the patients, the teachers are struggling to get to the schools, and the council's staff need to move on Work from home

:: The collection of waste could be delayed and disrupted

:: The management of GCSEs and SATs could be affected

:: The number of migrants arriving in Kent, including unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, could increase

The Kent Council has already spent more than £ 20 million to strengthen the roads in the region and has recruited more staff to handle the Brexit-related disruptions for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Rob Bird, who heads the Kent County Council's liberal-democratic opposition, said: "The people of Kent did not vote for disrupting the food supply, they were not in favor of putting the care of the most vulnerable societies at risk, or our children's education The threats of a no-deal Brexit are very real. "

He also urged County officials to insist that the government immediately eliminate the risk of a no-deal Brexit.

The Kent Council said the effects of a "no-deal" scenario depend on further planning assumptions provided by the government and future UK-EU relations.

Thus, the long-term costs of a "new standard" resulting from the amendment of border agreements such as infrastructure and personnel would have to be determined.

It notes that it depends on the government to provide adequate funding in a no-deal-brexit situation, as well as other information and advice on issues such as traffic disruption.

The report adds that in the case of a "no-deal" scenario "which remains a possible outcome", Council considerations might be brought to a future Cabinet or District Council meeting.

Sky's political editor, Faisal Islam, said no-deal will be "a moment when the most efficient, forward-looking and most prepared bets will bet on the future and the winners will take everything."

He added that the government "simply does not want to believe that anyone will have any influence."

The EU expects that as the no-deal increases, leverage will increase and the UK will suffer the most and most severely.

More to follow …