Tragic! The United States reports the darkest day due to the coronavirus: “We are in the worst of the storm”

U.S.- U.S continues to be the country most affected by coronavirus: With an average of three deaths per minute, the nation registered a new daily death record on Tuesday, January 12: 4,470 in total. This is one of the worst days of the pandemic at a time when countries around the world tighten restrictions against the virus and launch mass vaccination campaigns.

“It is without a doubt the darkest period of my entire career,” he admitted to the AFP Kari McGuire, head of the palliative care unit at Santa Maria Hospital in Apple Valley, California, was completely overwhelmed. The Martin Luther King Jr (MLK) hospital, located between the Watts and Compton neighborhoods, is also overwhelmed by the unstoppable influx of coronavirus patients. “We are in the worst of the storm,” said nurse Vanessa Arias.

Data compiled by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that out of 29 million doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines shipped to the federal states to date, 10.2 million have been administered. that is, about 3.1% of the total population of the United States.


The other side of the world

In Europe, The United Kingdom also recorded a new death record: 1,564 in 24 hours, bringing the total number of victims to 84,767, the highest on the continent together with Italy. England is in the midst of its third national shutdown, with schools closed and an order for people to stay home. Similar restrictions exist in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson told lawmakers that, although it is still too early, the latest restrictions were “beginning to show signs of some effect.” In Portugal, Prime Minister Antonio Costa said the country would enter a new lockdown on January 15. Switzerland also closed stores that sold non-essential products and ordered people to work from home in an attempt to prevent an explosion in the number of cases.

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