Said side needed soldiers – do you understand that?

We started very well. We created two great chances to score but suddenly Pogba scored a goal and I think, 'okay, stay calm and we can keep playing and find the solution to draw the game & # 39; ,

But my players are very, as you can tell, not scared, but they want to score immediately to draw the game, but against big teams it is difficult.

We gave them the counter-attack, the transition and the second time. It was harder at the time because Manchester had champions in the squad and slowed the pace, kept the ball and it was harder for us.

I have the soldiers because we wanted to score until the very end, but the penalty was right up to 3-0, but we wanted to score goals, but touched the post.

That's the difference, if you play against champions, you have to stay calm, do not lose your composure, that's the real problem.

You want to do something, but you have to stay calm.

Fans who fucked when you left are difficult for you?

No, I understand the fans, they always want their players to fight until the end. We lost 0-3, it is not an easy result, we are a very dangerous situation and they can do it.

I've told my players that it's important to show our fans that we live and we try to do our best to the end.

Dangerous situation, do you see anything to indicate that you are coming out?

What I can say when you play against Manchester United, City, Liverpool, you can lose, but it is important to make the experience.

Experience means that you understand where the mistakes are, that's important.

Are you thinking of a change in United?

Look at the result. It speaks.

Reaction to substitutions negative – impact on the players?

No, I'll change the system and churn because I had a fever problem and he came with us the last two days. I also wanted to leave two strikers, Mitrovic and Vietto, and Babel behind and try to find the solution on the flank.

We made the ball better, we make the cross, but the Manchester players close all the fields in front of their goal.

Do you understand the frustrations of the fan if you do not see Sessegnon playing?

Yes, I know, but Ryan is a good player, but right now he's not in the best shape and fitness. That's why I played with Joe Bryan.

What else does he have to do?

He works, but it's the first time he has played in the Premier League. It is not possible to play at a high level throughout the season. Just a little rest for him.

Very attacking in the last season to fight the defense?

I know. We want to attack, but you also have to defend. I think there was a manager change at the beginning of the season because they wanted to play forward and conceded the goals.

I tried to help my players make fewer mistakes.

Sessegnon said he has a problem with his fitness?

He is not in good, good shape. That's why I did not use it from the beginning, but in the game.

I consider him an important actor for us and for the future.

Many defensive mistakes with and without ball

That's the difference when you play against big champions, they understand what you want early and we make some mistakes. With that we lose the frame and the confidence.

The difference is that this team is playing in the Champions League on Tuesday.

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