Travel to Turkey: 10 tips to keep in mind

Are you planning to travel to Turkey? You came to the right place, we have the 10 most useful tips to keep in mind on your turkish vacation.

You enjoy the best moments when you know that you destination is safe and pleasant. We want to help you with the main tips chosen only for you and your family. Find out if you need a visa, travel insurance or how to travel with children.

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Travel safely to Turkey

Traveling to Turkey is safe, although in every country we are not free from accidents, robberies, or common dangers. It is advisable to be careful especially if we travel alone and not reach border areas such as Syria and Iraq.

On the other hand, it is best to hire a travel insurance with a wide coverage to receive good health care within Turkey. IATI insurance, for example, it offers you different options.

If you need more information visit our article: Is it safe to travel to Turkey?

Visa for Turkey

The citizens Spaniards do not need a visa to travel to Turkey. They can enter with their passport or DNI, only if they travel less than 90 days.

Learn about the process to obtain a visa if you are from another country in our article Travel to Turkey: Do I need a Visa? We will even tell you how to do it without leaving home.

Best time to travel to Turkey

Travel in spring and autumn are undoubtedly the best time to travel to Turkey, having a mild and pleasant climate. If your visit is more about enjoying the beaches of the Mediterranean, prepare to receive up to 40 ° C in summer.

Regarding prices, the best time to travel to Turkey is in low season, where you will find different discounts. Also, if you visit historical and natural places like Pamukkale you will have the most beautiful views without many people.

Pamukkale, Turkey. Source: T. Selin Erkan on Unsplash

Traveling to Istanbul with children

Istanbul is a very conservative city and traveling with children can be a bit disturbing if we don’t really know its culture well.

The best advice if you go with children is do not take baby carriages to old areas, Since it will be very difficult for you to enter (and I say this because of the type of floor, stairs, cobblestone sidewalks, etc.), many temples or mosques do not allow you to enter with cars either.

Remember to go for the famous “Dondurmas” (ice cream), I’m sure the children will have fun with the tricks of the ice cream man. If they don’t get the joke I’m sure you do and you’ll have fun with them.

Internet in Turkey

Always being connected to the internet in Turkey is the best option. Many restaurants, cafes, accommodation and shopping centers have free Wi-Fi service, but keep in mind that you will only be connected for as long as you stay in the establishment.

I advise have your own mobile data without depending on anyone and I do not mean expensive roaming. Now you can purchase the different services that Holafly has for you, for example, a SIM card Turkey or one eSIM for Turkey If you still don’t know which one to choose? we help you.

Shopping and haggling in Turkey

We know that go shopping in turkey it is very interesting. With the passage of time it became a very famous place for its large markets that sell everything at a very good price.

Generally the stores are open from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm. Although many tourist areas are open until 11pm.

One of the most important tips when shopping in Turkey is that haggle and consult in different places to make a good purchase. Keep in mind that they are purchases of coins or antiques prohibited in historical sites like Ephesus, this is a crime and can be punished by jail.

Lamp Store.  Istanbul, Turkey.

Lamp Store. Istanbul, Turkey. Source: Wei Pan on Unsplash

How are the turks

Perhaps the biggest problem that one can present with the Turks is the language, but they will do their best to communicate with you.

Turks in general are very hospitable and friendly. They will be willing to help you when you need it, if they may not be able to understand you in Spanish they will do it in English or finally you can take a notebook and play “Pictionary” so that they will understand you hahaha.

Plugs in Turkey

You will not need different plugs in Turkey, are the same as two round pins. The electrical current is 220 volts at 50 Hz.

I advise carry extra battery for your devices on every tour you do in Turkey. Many archaeological sites do not have free plugs for tourists.

Organized trip to Istanbul

The organized trip to Istanbul is undoubtedly the best option if you just want to enjoy without worrying about buying tickets, queuing, coordinating transportation and more.

There are many travel agencies that have packages of tourism-culture adventure tourism (if your thing is adrenaline) and even tours familiares. Just choose the one that best suits you and enjoy this magical city.

Couple in Istanbul.  Turkey.

Hagia Sophia Museum Istanbul, Turkey. Source: Stefan Kostoski on Unsplash

Turkey for free

If your thing is to travel on your own, forget about schedules and become your own vacation boss. Do not be afraid to do it yourself, as I told you, the Turks are very friendly and will always be ready to answer any questions during your trip.

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Frequent questions

How much money do I need to travel to Turkey?

Turkey may not be as cheap a destination as it used to be.
Transport It could be cheaper if you travel with family and want to travel the country in this way. Renting a car per day costs you 244 Turkish liras, that is, 27 euros.
The menu in a restaurant On average, it can cost 32 Turkish liras, that is, approximately 4 Euros.
An average hotel It can cost 444 Turkish liras, that is 50 Euros per night.
Adding the entrance to tourist sites, a person can spend an average of 750 Turkish liras a day, that is approximately 84 Euros.

What is the cheapest month to travel to Turkey?

March is the cheapest month to travel to Turkey. The low tourist season is between November and March, so you will find promotions and discounts.

How many days does it take to get to know Turkey?

It takes 7 days to visit the most important places like Istanbul, Cappadocia and Pamukkale.

Is there a mandatory vaccination to enter Turkey?

There is no mandatory vaccination to enter TurkeyHowever, it is advisable to be up to date with regular vaccinations, for example, malaria, yellow fever, among others.


  • Turkey is a country with a high traffic of narcotics like cocaine, heroin and more. Be careful with the small packages that reach you in the markets, they will force you to buy them.
  • Remember to read the recommendations that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to travel to Turkey.
  • Learn more about the Turkish Lira in our entry: Currency to travel to Turkey Where to change?
  • If you make an organized trip, try to hire a certified agency.

And as my grandmother says: «Advice even from a rabbit», I hope these 10 tips to keep in mind be very helpful on your trip to Turkey. Remember that you are very important to us and we are willing to answer your questions. If you have any question, Write us!

Tourism professional, with experience in hospitality, customer service and travel organization. I was lucky enough to be born in the navel of the world, Cusco-Peru, which undoubtedly marked me with an incredible passion for culture. I love traveling and looking for new experiences, I am sure that with Holafly Voyageur we will discover new places to enjoy and make the most of our next destination.

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