Tres Rioja, among the 20 Spanish ‘mazuelos’ wines for ‘Decanter’

Positive references to Rioja wines beyond our borders are always good news, but much more so in the face of two of the paradigms that have most shaken the international market in recent years: ‘Brexit’ and the pandemic.

For this reason, the selection of the twenty best single varietal Spanish wines from Mazuelo that has been made by the ‘master of wine’ Sarah Jane Evans for the ‘Decanter’ magazine is little less than a blessing for three Rioja firms. Because the specialized publication, watchword for British wine lovers, highlights the Solomazuelo de Arizcuren, the Primer Rosé de Marqués de Murrieta and the La Quinta Cruz de Miguel Merino among the essential wines of this varietal.

Mazuelo is one of the varieties that write the most golden pages of Rioja, despite the fact that the arrival of powdery mildew caused its decline in the mid-19th century. To this day they are considered a dark object of desire for the most exquisite palates and the references of ‘Decanter’ will undoubtedly help to keep it that way for a long time.

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