Trevor Noah

Following a new wave of Trump administration immigration – this week the government has decided to cancel the green cards of immigrants deemed likely to appeal to the public aid – Trevor Noah, host of the Daily Show, has launched a distress call for an American in particular: the first lady Melania Trump.

According to polls, Melania remains the most popular member of the Trump family. "Personally, I like it too," Noah told Wednesday's Daily Show. Both have a lot in common, since they are both immigrants and we would be here if there was not Donald Trump. "

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Donald Trump trying to expel Melania? #DontDeportMelania

August 15, 2019

But Trump's latest action against immigrants worries Noah: "I think Donald Trump is trying to expel Melania."

It sounds crazy, Noah went on, although it is clear that there had been problems for some time; Melania barely lives at the White House, for her part, "and this may have created some tension between them when Trump would hit a porn star and paid her for that she would shut up and that the whole country has discovered ".

Normal couple problems, Noah said, except that when he examined Trump's immigration policy en masse, he noticed a trend: all crackdowns could target his wife.

Noah listed many of Trump's lines of attack on immigrants who could, to the nearest second, also apply to Melania. First, Trump has decried those who worked illegally in the country at countless rallies, "and everyone assumes that because he's racist, he's talking about Mexicans," Noah explained. But in reality, he could talk about Melania, who, according to the AP, would never have gotten the proper visa for his modeling job in the United States. His staff promised a press conference to address the problem in 2016, but it never happened – though "to be fair, it's only been three years since this promise was made," joked Noah.

Trump also denigrated – and, by executive order, a limited number of immigrants arriving in the country with "special" work visas. "Once again, people assume that Trump was talking about Indian programmers in Silicon Valley," said Noah, "but if you follow the clues, you'll find that this guy has actually abused his wife." In 2001, Melania, then model, obtained in a way an "Einstein visa", generally reserved for researchers, athletes or famous artists.

Melania's "Einstein" status seems strange in retrospect, says Noah, "although I guess if you spend enough time next to Donald, everyone starts to look like Einstein."

And then, there is Trump's bashing on the "chain migration", the immigration program that allows close relatives to live with legal immigrants in the United States. Trump promised to end the chain migration, although this policy allowed Melania's parents, born in Slovenia, to obtain US citizenship.

"That's what Donald Trump was trying to stop," said Noah. "He was trying to turn his in-laws into outlaws."

Regarding this week's policy shift, targeting immigrants who use government assistance – "Well, guess who lives in a free house provided by the United States?", Said Noah about a image of the White House.

Noah rested his case. "I see what you are doing, Donald, and I will not let that happen," he said. He encouraged fans of Daily Show to tweet the hashtag #dontdeportmelania, "because if this great immigrant is forced to leave this country, the United States will never really be" better "."