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Geneva, Oct 16 (EFE) .- The largest clinical trial that has been carried out for six months with various drugs to establish whether they can be used to treat severe cases of covid-19 has concluded without any of the investigated products having shown the efficacy that Wanted.

All the drugs used in the trials are approved drugs and are used for other diseases.

The World Health Organization (WHO), which is coordinating the trial, reported these results today, involving hydroxychloroquine (an antimalarial active ingredient), the antiviral remdesivir, the antiretrovirals lopinavir / ritonavir, and interferon (a group of proteins).

However, the US biotech Gilead, which produces remdesivir, disagrees with the WHO’s conclusion regarding its drug.

According to the WHO, all of these drugs “appear to have little or no effect” on mortality and outcome among hospitalized covid patients.

The study has been carried out in thirty countries and has focused on analyzing the effects of these treatments on mortality, the need to receive assistance with respirators and the duration of hospitalization.

The Organization indicated that it remains to be determined whether these same drugs are useful in treating infected patients that do not require hospitalization or as prevention, aspects that will have to be examined in future trials.

Half a thousand hospitals are participating in the trials endorsed by the WHO, which will soon continue with different products, which may be other antivirals, immunomodulators and monoclonal antibodies.

The only drug that according to the WHO has shown interesting results is dexamethasone, which was recently administered to President Donald Trump after becoming infected with the coronavirus.

However, this drug (from the steroid family) is recommended for critically ill patients in hospitals who require respiratory support.

In a statement released shortly after the Organization’s position was known, the Gilead company argued that these data do not agree with the results of another trial promoted by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the United States and that were published recently.

According to the biotech, hospitalized patients who received remdesivir recovered on average five days earlier than those who took placebo, and with those who were in more serious condition, recovery was seven days faster.

He added that “the possibility of patients progressing to more serious stages was reduced” and that his drug “reduces the ability of the virus to replicate in the body.”

Regarding mortality, Gilead assures that remdesivir reduces it and that for all these reasons that “it already has authorization for its temporary use in the treatment of patients with covid in more than 50 countries.”

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