The murder victim calls Aliny Mendes, a dedicated member of his church dedicated to his three sons and his daughter. The 39-year-old woman was walking towards 3 pm towards the Stoneleigh School in Surrey, when she was attacked. One witness claimed that a man had come out of a black four-wheel drive vehicle, had rushed towards her and stabbed her.

Two men were subsequently arrested as part of the attack. They took place in Cheam, less than two kilometers from the stage.

Paramedics attempted to resuscitate Ms. Mendes after the attack, but she was pronounced dead at the scene.

A priest from her Catholic church in Epsom, who christened her youngest child, revealed yesterday that she had separated from her husband.

Father Gianom said that since the breakup, she had moved to a "protected" house in Streatham, South London, about a month ago.

The parishioners of St. George congratulated the Brazilian mother and created a crowdfunding page to raise funds for her children.

One of them said: "Aliny was really adorable, everything that was going on at the church always involved, we organized a fundraising dinner and she helped to make it happen." 39. Organize .It has raised money for people.I would never have a bad word to tell him. "

Father Gianom added, "She was a very lively person, she had to take care of the children, she had four children – three boys and one girl, the youngest was this girl and I baptized her recently.

"He was a dedicated family person, really a kind woman, and every morning she got up at 4 in the morning for the kids, she made a lot of sacrifices to them, she did not work, she did children. "

He added: "When she separated from her husband, she went to Streatham, it was in a protected house, it was about a month ago."

Members of the Lusophone community of Stoneleigh and Cheam met yesterday at the murder scene on London Road, depositing flowers and photos of her as a tribute.

At the cord, a floral message said: "Aliny, rest in peace, you were so hot and so wonderful a mother, there are no words."

The two suspects were arrested near the Cheam Recreation Center approximately 90 minutes after the stabbing.

A man of about forty years of Epsom was arrested for murder and a fifty-year-old man from London for helping a delinquent.

Both remained in custody last night.

Chief Inspector Michael Hodder said: "It was a tragedy, the children of the victim receive the support and care they need." At the moment, we are not looking for anyone else as part of this incident. "