A "spoiled" teenager from Trowbridge, who helped her boyfriend clean up after he murdered a woman during a sex and drug abuse spree, was jail-detained.

18-year-old Natalia Darkowska was found guilty of falsifying the Course of Justice when she helped Jesse McDonald, 25, who had killed Naomi Hersi in March.

McDonald has been imprisoned for at least 20 years for life.

Darkowska was sentenced to probation at the Old Bailey.

She was also asked to do 150 hours of unpaid work.

Jesse McDonald met his victim on a swinger side when he was "in search of excitement"

McDonald told Darkowska, Ms. Hersi, a transgender woman, was "a big drug trafficker," whom he killed in self-defense.

After the murder, McDonald hid in his room waiting for Darkowska to help clean up, the jury said.

However, the plan to eliminate the body was neglected when the police found the victim half-naked and partially covered with a carpet on the bathroom floor.

Naomi Hersi lived as an open transgender woman in London, the court said

To fight Darkowska, Jemma Levinson said she had been a "model student" who was "diligent and respectful" and "misled and lied to" by McDonald.

The court heard the offense as "totally uncharacteristic" and she was "occupied" with McDonald.

Ms. Levinson said, "She still believes in the report she gave from Mr. McDonald.

Judge Mark Dennis QC said McDonald was a "dominant" character and Darkowska was "fascinated" by him.

The judge said to her, "One of your references refers to this being a one time mistake, make sure that is the case."