A truck driver has been detained for 18 months and imposed a 29-month driving ban for an accident in which a student had a brain hemorrhage.

David Price, 65, of Chapel Lane, Manby, Lincolnshire, drove dangerously as he hit the rear of a Renault Clio on the A17 in Newark.

The Clio then collided with the rear of a preceding Audi A1, which then collided with the rear of a further preceding truck.

Price drove with 88 km / h and braked only 15 m from the Clio and collided with 78 km / h.

"At 55 miles per hour, the truck would have needed about 50 meters to make emergency braking and stop," said a spokesman for the Nottinghamshire Police.

David Price, 65, was arrested for driving dangerously
David Price, 65, was arrested for driving dangerously

The driver of the Clio, a Leeds University student, suffered severe life-changing injuries, including a brain hemorrhage, a broken back and neck, a broken arm, broken ribs, and a broken nose.

Police in Nottinghamshire said the student needed a series of surgeries for her injuries and was forced to retire from the university.

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In a personal statement, the victim said she "believed she would die that day" and felt "happy to have survived the crash".

The Audi driver was a woman who traveled to Leeds to visit her daughter. According to the police, her injuries were also severe and required an exemption.

Inspector Heather Sutton said: "We released the Dashcam material with the consent of the victims to warn drivers that they need to be at the wheel.

"Price's dangerous driving caused catastrophic life-changing injuries within seconds.

"It could have all been avoided if he had taken care behind the wheel and now he has time to think about the consequences of his actions in prison."