Trump Administration Will Provide COVID-19 Vaccine Free To Nursing Homes | Seniors

The administration of President Donald Trump struck a deal with CVS and Walgreens to distribute and administer a COVID-19 vaccine for free in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, the administration announced Friday.

The agreement means residents and staff members at the centers will be able to get vaccinated safely and efficiently once one or more vaccines are approved, and it eases pressure on health departments, the Department of Health and Human Services said. HHS) in a press release.

“Protecting the vulnerable has been the number one priority in the Trump Administration’s response to COVID-19, and that commitment will continue by delivering a safe and effective vaccine as soon as possible to those who need it most,” said the secretary. from HHS, Alex Azar, in a statement.

“Our unprecedented public-private partnership with CVS and Walgreens will provide free and convenient vaccination to nursing home residents across the United States, another landmark achievement in our efforts to get a safe and effective vaccine for Americans as quickly as possible. ”.

President Donald Trump speaks about protecting America’s seniors at the Caloosa Sound Amphitheater and Convention Center in Fort Myers, Florida on October 16, 2020. (Brendan Smialowski / AFP via Getty Images)

COVID-19 is the disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

The disease mainly affects the elderly and vulnerable (immunocompromised) patients.

Almost one in three people who died from COVID-19 between May 1 and August 31 were 85 years or older, according data released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The other 41.7 percent were between 65 and 84 years old.

CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield called the partnership with CVS and Walgreens historic, saying it will “really help jurisdictions resolve a logistical hurdle and reduce the burden of distributing, administering and reporting COVID vaccination. -19 for both states and long-term care centers ”.

The program will be free to facilities and available to residents in all long-term care settings, including skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, residential care homes, and family homes. for adults.

Any member of the facility staff may receive the vaccine at their workplace, as long as they did not receive it at that time from another location.

HHS said it was using “multiple authorities” to pay for the program.

CVS and Walgreens are tasked with scheduling and coordinating clinic appointments on site. Most facilities are expected to need three visits in total over approximately two months.

“We are proud of how our pharmacists have continued to serve our patients and look forward to leveraging our nationwide presence, our community presence, and our pharmaceutical expertise to help administer COVID-19 vaccines once they become available.” Walgreens president John Standley said in a statement.

“CVS Health has been on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19, working across the spectrum of healthcare in all the communities we serve and that will continue to be the case when we have a vaccine to dispense,” he added. Troy Brennan, CVS Health Chief Medical Officer.

Trump announced the partnership to an audience at the Caloosa Sound Convention Center & Amphitheater in Fort Myers, Florida.

“Once you have that vaccine, they can open the doors and say ‘here I am,'” Trump said.

America’s 54 million older adults “have borne the heaviest burden of the virus in China,” including months of isolation and missing out on daily life events like church services and weddings, the president added, saying his message was one of confidence, optimism and hope and that the sacrifice of the elderly will not be in vain.

“Older people will be the first in line to receive the vaccine and we will soon end this pandemic,” said the president.

Trump, 74, has just recovered from a ordeal due to COVID-19. The president said that the development of treatments against COVID-19 has led to a reduction in the death rate.

“Well I’m here, I’ll tell you,” he said, smiling, eliciting a long round of applause and chants of “four more years.”

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