Trump confirms that Chief of Staff John Kelly & # 39; at the end of the year & # 39; the White House will leave and thanks & # 39; the great guy & # 39; for his service, and says that his replacement will soon be announced. Trump said Saturday that Chief of Staff John Kelly of the White House departKelly was allegedly no longer talking to Trump and his exit was rumored. A replacement for Kelly will be announced the next day or two, said Trump Pence's chief of staff Nick Ayers is Trump's best replacement hit, says a source.

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13:32 EST, December 8, 2018

14:23 EST, December 8, 2018

President Donald Trump has said his Chief of Staff, John Kelly, will leave at the end of the year. At the beginning of the White House he went on an audience to the Army-Navy football tournament in Philadelphia, Trump said an announcement about Kelly's replacement would come in the next few days. He is a great guy, & # 39; said Trump about Kelly, rumored that he has been in trouble for months. I appreciate his service very much. & # 39; From Friday's news it appears that Trump had not spoken to Kelly, the latest development in a relationship that was frayed with the struggle of retired Marine General Kelly to bring order to the West Wing.

When he told his reporters on Saturday that he left the White House to take part in the Army-Navy football match in Philadelphia, Trump said that Kelly would be out by the end of the year.

John Kelly (above in October) had been the subject of exit rumors for almost a year and had reportedly only recently spoken to Trump with Trump. Kelly's future in the Trump administration had been uncertain for almost a year, since a report in February revealed allegations of domestic violence against the former White House secretary, Rob Porter, and asked questions about Kelly & # 39; s treatment of the case. The upswing of the West Wing comes when Trump anticipates the challenge to reign after the Democrats take over the House in January and as he prepares for his re-election campaign in 2020. Kelly has been working as an assistant to the White House since July Trump 2017, when he replaced Reince Priebus. He stepped into a chaos in a West Wing and briefly dismissed communication director Anthony Scaramucci on his first day as Chief of Staff. Observers from the highway speculated that Kelly would bring a dash of military discipline to the White House, but it soon became clear that his impact seemed limited.

Trump is seen with Kelly in his first day at work as Chief of Staff on July 31, 2017. Kelly replaced Reince Priebus in the role initially expected to bring order to West WingKelly's efforts to make Trump's gatekeeper falter, with the president against his attempts to screen his conversations and meetings. In July, Trump tried to suppress the rumors about Kelly's departure, and made a point announcing that he had asked him to stay as chief of staff until 2020. But in recent months reports have suggested that Kelly's role was getting smaller and smaller, with important decisions being taken without the chief of staff in the room. After Trump announced Friday that he chose a new attorney general and a new ambassador to the UN, Kelly's departure seemed far from certain. Still, Trump's informal revelation of the shakeup on the White House lawn when he walked to Marine One was as follows: a shock for observers expecting a formal announcement. Nick Ayers, the chief of staff of vice president Mike Pence, is widely regarded as the best choice for Trump for a replacement. Trump's comments on Saturday indicated that Kelly's replacement is only temporary. The latest shake-up of the White House inspired some Trump critics to dig up an old tweet from 2012. In it, Trump wrote: & # 39; 3 Chief of Staff in less than 3 years that he was President: part of the reason why @BarackObama fails to meet his agenda. & # 39;

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