Trump declared a state of emergency in Washington a few days after Biden’s inauguration

Police officers outside the Capitol in Washington. Photographer: Graeme Sloan / Bloomberg

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has decreed a state of emergency in the District of Columbia, in whose capital, Washington DC, the inauguration of the president-elect, Joe Biden, will be held in a few days, and where less than a week ago a mob of his supporters attacked the emblematic Capitol building, the seat of the country’s Legislative Power.

Trump ha aludido a “emergency conditions”Before the presidential inauguration to make this decision, which allows the Department of Homeland Security and the National Emergency Management Agency to intervene and help the city’s security forces if necessary. The validity of this decision is until January 24.

In this sense, The mayor of Washington, Muriel Bowser, had asked the Department of Homeland Security hours before to reinforce security around the Capitol in the face of the expected event that will inaugurate a new legislature in the United States, after she herself issued an order to extend the state of emergency and the curfew in the US capital for a further fifteen days.

This announcement coincides with the alert that the FBI has issued to the rest of the authorities and federal agencies regarding the possibility of “armed protests” in the different state capitals during the days prior to the imminent inauguration of Biden, scheduled for 20 January on the steps of the Capitol in Washington.

For their part, the authorities have reported that two Capitol Police officers have been suspended and at least ten others are under investigation for their behavior during the assault on the Legislative Power headquarters last Wednesday.

The specific actions that have led to the suspension are, on the one hand, a photograph – a ‘selfie’ – taken by one of the agents together with some of the assailants who took over the Capitol, while, on the other hand, the other agent put on a cap that read ‘Make America great again’ (MAGA, for its acronym in English).

This was explained by the congressman for Ohio and chairman of a subcommittee that supervises the Capitol Police, Tim Ryan, who has detailed how the latter agent directed a group of people around the building, according to the television network CNN.

The role of the Capitol Police during the assault has been widely questioned by political representatives and high-level figures, since the demonstration of Trump supporters, which coincided with the certification in Congress of Biden’s victory, had been announced for days and the security measures have been called into question.

The condemnation of the way this security body acted led to the resignation of its boss, Steven Sund. The response of the agents on Wednesday has been compared to that carried out during the demonstrations in summer in front of the Capitol on the occasion of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, when the protests were harshly repressed despite their peaceful nature.

In this sense, several members of the Democratic party in Congress have raised the possible sympathies that Capitol agents would have with the assailants and that, even, they would have allowed access to the building, as the videos broadcast by social networks of that day seem to indicate.

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