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At least seven senior officials in the area of ​​national security They have stepped down since President Donald Trump lost the election on November 3 and refused to acknowledge the victory of Democrat Joe Biden.

Various voices have denounced these changes, which include dismissals and dismissals, as a purge of the president with those officials whom you do not consider completely loyal despite the fact that there are only 62 days left in his mandate. More than half of those officials were replaced almost immediately by people close to the Republican president’s postulates.

According to Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger, the director of the Presidential Office of Personnel, John McEntee, is trying to recruit Trump loyalists into the White House, he told the outlet. The Hill .

“It’s like there is a loyalty purge in the last month in the White House,” Kinzinger said.

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Deborah Lee James, Secretary of the Air Force during the Barack Obama administration, attributed the personnel changes to the president’s desire to punishing officials he considers slow to implement his policies. “The long knives are outside. He believes a lot in revenge,” the former official told Yahoo News.

At least one of the impeachments, that of Chris Krebs, was directly linked to the reluctance of the director of the Cyber ​​Security Agency to support Trump’s unfounded allegations of voter fraud.

Senator Angus King, an independent who often votes alongside the Democratic caucus, defended the integrity of Krebs and alerted in a tweet that “by firing him for doing his job, President Trump it is causing severe harm to all Americans. “

High-ranking officials who have lost their posts were attached to the Departments of Defense and National Security. In the military sphere, the displaced are the Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper; his undersecretaries, Joseph Kernan (Espionage) and James Anderson (Politics), and his chief of staff, Jen Stewart.

On the National Security front, in addition to Krebs, the Undersecretary for Cybersecurity, Brian Ware; and the Undersecretary for International Affairs, Valerie Boyd.

Here’s a look at these officials:

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