Trump gives an exclusive interview to a Cuban influencer and ratifies his commitment to the people of Cuba | Donald trump

This Friday, President Donald Trump gave an interview to a prominent Cuban presenter during his visit to Miami.

The US president had an exclusive interview with Alexander Otaola, who “has become a benchmark in the fight against Castroism from Miami.” points out Cubans around the World. The meeting was held at the Trump National Doral hotel.

Otaola was born in Cuba, came to the United States in 2003 and currently resides in Miami. He is recognized as an influencer and for his program Hola! Ota-Ola, which it is popular in Cuba and touches, among other topics, the politics of the island.

The question with which Otaola opened the interview it was about whether the president felt that “the influence coming out of Cuba from socialism and communism are affecting these elections and will continue to affect the continent.”

“It is a very interesting question, I have taken a very tough stance (…) I am taking a very tough stance on Cuba and Castro and everything they represent. President Obama gave them and I took them away, it could have an impact because when you see this erratic thought, it is the same thing that has happened in all these years, “the president replied.

Next, Otaola questioned him about whether he believes that he will be the North American president who will leave the legacy of having ended socialism and communism in the entire hemisphere.

“Not only me, you are doing it, there are other friends of mine who are also going to do the same: Hispanic Americans, Hispanics, Latinos, I love them all, they are the ones who are going to give it a hard time. We have been friends for a long time and all they want is to be free. I feel it and you feel it, I am dealing with interesting people, important people (…) including the congressman (referring to Mario Díaz-Balart), ”said Trump.

“We are sure to have freedom,” he added.

On the other hand, he affirmed that “all Cuban-Americans are very happy with Trump, with me, and I think I have 95 percent because they know this is going to happen.”

After his administration ended the “terrible agreement” between Obama and the Castro regime. The latter now “is very very poor and many things are going to happen here,” said the president.

“People are uniting here for the freedom of Cuba, Nicaragua, which has the same problem, and Venezuela,” he added and emphasized the relationship between the island and Venezuela.

“Venezuela and Cuba are very related. Cuba has many people in Venezuela because of oil, we will also put an end to that, “he said.

Finally, at the request of Otaola, he sent a message to Latinos saying: “More than anything else I can say that we support you. Everything is going to work, you are going to have freedom, you are going to have freedom where you came from. This is going to go from front to back and they are going to have a different regimen; They are going to have what nobody dreamed would happen, look what we have done with Israel and other places, if you look at Kosovo and Serbia, they were fighting for years and decades and I did it.

“I think that the freedom of Cuba is going to be one of my great triumphs,” he said.

During the Otaola interview He said to the president that his program had put together a list, called the “Red List”, which included personalities and celebrities linked to the Cuban dictatorship who enter the United States with a visa, and he asked the president if he could send it to him.

To which Trump replied: “I would like you to give me the list. Yes, that’s fine with me ”. He asked that he be handed over to Congressman Mario Díaz-Balart. “Give it to Mario, he has direct access to me and you also have direct access to me,” he said.

Otaola said in his program on October 16 that the interview with President Trump was achieved thanks to the management made by the office of Cuban-American Congressman Díaz-Balart (R-Fl.).

This meant the recognition of “the importance of this digital space within the Cuban-American and Latino community in general, and in the resurgence of the Republican vote in Miami, Florida, and the Cuban community in exile, in general”, points out Cubans around the World.

According to the host, originally a live call had been considered with the president or at some other time and to be able to record it, however, the president “preferred a personal meeting, which I also thank his campaign for.”

He also thanked Congressman Díaz-Balart for agreeing to be the translator for the interview.

The video of the interview has reached more than 190,00 views and more than 11,000 likes.

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