Trump gives GSA green light to transition to Biden

Twenty days after his electoral defeat, Trump empowers the General Services Administration to initiate the handover of power to Biden.

Through his Twitter account, the outgoing US president, Republican Donald Trump, still without acknowledging his failure in the November 3 election, has given the green light to the General Services Administration (GSA, for its acronym in English) to “do what it takes.”

“¡Our case continues STRONG, we will continue with the good … fight, and I believe we will prevail! However, in the best interest of our country, I recommend that [la jefa de la GSA] Emily [Murfy] and your team do whatever it takes regarding the initial protocols, and I’ve told my team to do the same“Trump wrote this Monday.

The announcement came shortly after Murphy notified, on the same day, in a letter to Biden’s team of his willingness to begin the formal process of transitioning to the “apparent winner” of the election.

“I take this role seriously and, due to recent events related to legal challenges and certification of electoral results, I transmit this letter today so that you have those resources and services,” said Murphy.

The Democratic candidate has welcomed the agency’s decision and described it as a step toward a “quiet and peaceful transfer of power”; since different experts and politicians had expressed their concern about a chaotic transition of power, the outbreak of more violence that could result in a civil war.

On the same day on Monday, the state of Michigan certified Biden’s victory in the elections, limiting the options for the Republican president in his campaign to challenge the results of the presidential elections.

A special commission in Michigan decided by three votes in favor and one abstention that Biden be certified as the winner of the elections, in which he won by about 156,000 votes to Trump, in a state where there were 5.5 million votes.

In recent days, pressure had been redoubled on GSA, which has the responsibility to formally recognize the results of the US elections, to facilitate the change of government process.

Legislators, various congressional committees, former Republican officials, national security experts and former senior officials from both parties, among other figures, had warned the GSA of the consequences of its delay in recognizing the result.

This while the General Services Administration affirmed until a few hours ago that it still could not allow the transition process and that only on Monday, November 30, the deputy administrator, Allison Brigati, would address the issue with legislators in a 30-minute briefing. .

Biden repeatedly repudiated “the incredible irresponsibility” of Trump and called “outrageous” the unsubstantiated claims of the Republican mogul about alleged “fraudulent acts” committed in the elections.



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