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The president of the United States, Donald Trump, assured during a rally that in case of losing the next presidential elections he will leave the country.

A video was broadcast on social networks where the president who is seeking re-election joked about the possibility he has of losing the next elections.

“Can you imagine that I lose? … If I do, it would be against the worst candidate in the history of politics. It is possible that I will have to leave the country,” joked the candidate.

Donald Trump seeks re-election to the presidency on November 3 where he will face the Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Some polls published in the United States mark a sharp difference between the two representatives.

Down in the polls

With less than three weeks to go until the Nov. 3 election, former vice president and Democratic candidate Joe Biden leads in voting intentions in national polls, even in swing states, according to a separate collection of polls from The Guardian and The Economist.

According to the Guardian poll tracker, Biden leads the polls with 51.8% compared to 41.2% for President Donald Trump, who is seeking reelection, with a margin of difference of 10.6 percentage points.

However, the results of the polls do not guarantee a victory for the Democratic candidate, since in 2016 the former candidate for the presidency Hillay Clinton also led the polls and lost in the Electoral College.

In this election, according to the presidential voting system based on Electoral College votes, there is a possibility that states considered “undecided” will tip the results in favor of Biden.

In the following “undecided” states, Biden leads: in Florida (+3.3 percentage points -pp-), Pennsylvania (+6.4 pp), Michigan (+7.9 pp), North Carolina (+4.1 pp), Arizona (+3.3 pp) and Wisconsin (+7.3 pp). Trump leads Ohio (+2 pp) and Iowa (+0.4 pp).

These results were compiled by The Guardian from local and national polls; and the data for these eight states correspond to dates between October 9 and 13.

In six of the eight states mentioned, former President Barack Obama won in 2012, but they finally ended up supporting Trump in 2016. Arizona and North Carolina, for their part, were added because they are seen as decisive new states for this election.

This Thursday, The Economist outlined an even wider lead for Joe Biden, based on polls, economic and demographic data. The study results predict a victory for Biden over Trump in the Electoral College.

According to the media, the possibility of winning in the Biden Electoral College is 91%, compared to 9% for the Republican leader. In the area of ​​the number of votes, the Democratic candidate repeats with 99%.

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