Trump impeachment news today: live updates as the president rages against the Senate buffalo trial

Parnas says Trump World “like a cult” admits the fear of the Justice Department as pressure grows on Mike Pompeo

Last night there were further revelations from Lev Parnas while both Maddow and Anderson Cooper at CNN conducted more of their interviews with partner Giuliani, who, as you will remember, was arrested for violations of the campaign funding with his business partner Igor Fruman last October.

He told Maddow that Rick Perry had been fully aware of Ukraine’s plot and that he personally believed Biden had done nothing wrong:

Speaking of his involvement in Trump World more generally, Parnas told MSNBC: “It was like being in a cult. When they say organized crime – I don’t think Trump is like organized crime, I think he’s like a cult leader.

“Right now the scary part … and what people don’t understand is that there are a lot of Republicans who would be against him. The difference between why Trump is so powerful now – he wasn’t that powerful in ’16 and ’17, he became so powerful when he got [attorney general] William Barr.

“People are scared. Am I scared? Yes. I think I’m more afraid of our Justice Department than these criminals right now. Because the scariest part is to be locked up in a room and treated like an animal when you haven’t nothing wrong. And this is the tool they are using. Because they are trying to scare me into not talking … My wife is afraid, my children are nervous. “

Speaking with Cooper, Parnas said that during a conversation at Trump’s Washington hotel earlier last year, he had told the president that former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch had told others that she believed that Trump would be impeached, causing the president to react angrily.

“In the conversation, the topic of Ukraine was raised. And I told the president that our opinion is that [Yovanovitch] is making fun of him, and that she said he will be accused, something like that. I don’t know if it’s word for word, “said Parnas.

“His reaction was, he looked at me, like, he got very angry, and basically turned to [former White House aide] John DeStefano, and said, “fire her. Get rid of her. ‘”

All of this means that his former head of state department, Mike Pompeo, has many questions to answer.

Here is Andy Gregory’s report.


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