The first public imputation hearing begins

Official confirms subpoenas given to Taylor and Kent

Taylor arrives for the testimony of impeachment

Trump meets Turkish President

Carl Bernstein, one of the reporters who broke the Watergate scandal that led to the president's impeachment investigation Richard Nixon and his resignation in 1974, offered his assessment that America is "in the midst of a cold civil war" and the outcome of impeachment hearings in Donald Trump will be judged in this context.

"Trump has shown tremendous support, especially given the unprecedented nature of his words, his actions and his attitude as president," Bernstein told CNN in an email. "The dismissal pressure of Dems – given the dynamics of the cold civil war, could backfire," said the public.

"Nobody knows what will happen in the weeks or months to come, if it is probably the dismissal of the House, because of the Democratic majority … Regarding the results of a trial in the Senate or the rest of Trump's mandate or the 2020 elections, nothing is possible. "


Public Removal Hearings Must Begin This Morning