Trump is no longer blonde, his hair changed color

Various comments on social networks have been generated after President Donald Trump’s hair changed from blonde to gray in a week.

During the press conference at the White House, where Trump denounced an alleged fraud Election, the president sported his traditional blonde hair. The press conference was held on November 5 and just a week later the president’s hair looks different.

In new public appearances like those on November 13, Trump’s hair looks ashen. It seems that the color treatment that kept the president’s hair blonde has been discarded during a post-election period where Joe Biden has won.

It is not about matters such as lighting or the white balance of the cameras, the color change is really very noticeable. The comments of different users on social networks have not been long in coming.

The sudden change in the look that the candidate has held for years only comes after he emerges as the loser in the presidential election.

After finalizing the counts in states such as North Carolina and Georgia, the electoral result in the country is finally made official.

Trump took North Carolina, but Georgia was in favor of Biden, which ended up giving 306 votes in the Electoral College to the Democrat.

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