Trump news live: latest impeachment updates as "dangerously uninformed" president faces Senate trial

Trump news live: latest impeachment updates as "dangerously uninformed" president faces Senate trial

Trump “dangerously uninformed”, “a complete amateur” and did not understand Pearl Harbor, warns a new book

Donald Trump is facing a new humiliation like a new book, A very stable genius of Washington Post journalists Philip Rucker and Carol D Leonnig accuse him of being “dangerously uninformed” and of “a complete amateur”, of not understanding fundamental points of the story such as the significance of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor during the Second World War.

“Hey, John, what’s this about? What is this tour?” Trump reportedly asked his then chief of staff John Kelly as the men prepared to take a private tour of the USS Arizona Memorial, which commemorates the infamous December 1941 attack.

“Trump had heard the phrase” Pearl Harbor “and seemed to understand that he was visiting the scene of a historic battle, but didn’t seem to know much else,” say Rucker and Leonnig, citing a former White House adviser who concludes: “Sometimes it was dangerously uninformed. “

Page 417 follows the chaotic reign of the president from its inauguration until the publication of the Mueller Report last summer, which traces the White House decision-making process governed by “a man’s egocentric and reckless logic”.

Rucker and Leonnig record Trump’s worrying arrogance in stepping over his former secretary of state Rex Tillerson from corporate experience on Vladimir Putin immediately after meeting the Russian leader for the first time at a G20 summit in Germany: “‘I had a meeting two hours with Putin, “Trump told Tillerson. ‘That’s all I need to know … I’ve zoomed in. I understand.'”

The Post today he takes a first look at Ashley Parker’s book, of which the following excerpt – in which Trump complains of corruption which is not approved as a normal commercial practice – is one of the most alarming:

Trump’s response in this exchange with former press secretary Anthony Scaramucci in which the Mooch asks him “Are you an act?” it is also very indicative: “I am a total act and I don’t understand why people don’t understand it”.

The authors also particularly report Trump’s bullying by former Secretary of Internal Security Kirstjen Nielsen: “He made fun of his stature and believed that at about 1.5 meters he was not physically intimidating. ‘It’s so low,’ Trump would say to Nielsen’s others. She and Kelly would try to shed some light on it. Kelly would have ribbed her and said, “But you have those little fists of anger!”

Here’s Tom Embury-Dennis with more.


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