Republicans argue inquiry 'invalid' with whistleblower testimony, Trump had 'every right' to press Ukraine

On Fox yesterday, Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham told Maria Bartiromo that the impeachment inquiry is "invalid" and "dead on arrival" with testimony by the CIA whistleblower at the heart of the case and from Hunter Biden, whose career on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma remains a Republican obesession.

House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff, for his part, disagrees with Graham, calling the idea "redundant" and "unnecessary", according to Axios.

We Meet the Press, Kentucky senator Rand Paul told Chuck Todd the president had "every right" to withhold military aid from Ukraine.

Paul last week loudly asked for the anonymous whistleblower be unmasked by the media – Don Jr and other alt-right cronies did not know their suspects on Twitter – and blocked a Senate resolution by Chuck Schumer and Hawaii senator Mazie Hirono reaffirming support for who dare to come forward to denounce malpractice.

But fellow Republican Will Hurd, member of Schiff's committee, broke ranks with Paul to call for the whistleblower to be protected in conversation with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.