Trump participates in a protest by his followers against fraud

Outgoing US President Donald Trump attends a march against the election results organized by his supporters in the capital Washington DC.

The presidential convoy passed this Saturday amid a crowd that shouted: “Four more years! Four more years “, waving flags such as” Trump 2020 “and” Best president in history. “

The march, organized under the slogan “make America great again”, denounced the results of the elections held on November 3 in the US, in which the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, was victorious with 306 electoral votes, against Republican Trump, with 232, as indicated by the latest figures released by the US media.

Several groups of the extreme right, including the group “Stop the robbery of DC”, have attended the pro-Trump march armed.

“It’s heartwarming to see all this enormous support, especially the spontaneous gatherings that are flourishing across the country, including a big Saturday in Washington, DC I might even try to come by to say hello,” Trump tweeted on Friday, encouraging his supporters to get involved. on the go.

Trump, the first president in 28 years who has not been re-elected for a second term, still does not recognize the victory of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, and using arguments such as electoral fraud, he insists that he is the incumbent head of state who has achieved the most votes in history.

Despite allegations of fraud and “theft” of votes made by the tenant of the White House, several agencies, including the US Federal Election Commission, have determined that they have found no evidence of fraud. Even some Republican elected officials have begun to distance themselves from Trump, urging him to accept the results.



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