Trump resorts to strategy of fear in Michigan and Wisconsin | United States

JANESVILLE, Wisconsin, USA (AP) – President Donald Trump resorted to the strategy of fear on Saturday, stating that the left is trying to “destroy the American way of life,” in an extemporaneous re-election message aimed at the voters of Michigan and Wisconsin, two north-central states that were decisive in his victory in 2016 but may already be slipping out of hand.

In back-to-back political events, Trump asserted that the left seeks to “erase American history” and “purge American values.” He baselessly claimed that his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, could endanger communities.

Trump delivered his dark message when facing headwinds not only in national polls, which show Biden up on preferences, but also in polls in crucial states. Trump made his comments at a time when his campaign team, with far fewer financial resources than Biden’s, has withdrawn from television advertising mainly in the North Central, to orient largely towards Sun Belt states like Florida. , North Carolina, Arizona and Georgia, as well as Pennsylvania.

In his attempt to energize his supporter base and prevent neutral voters from turning their backs on him, Trump attempted to paint Democrats as “anti-American radicals” and pointed out that moderate voters have a “moral duty” to join the Republican Party.

“The Democratic Party they once knew does not exist,” he said.

It was the same on topic after topic. He exaggerated that the election of Biden could cause “the greatest depression in the history of our country” and “turn Michigan into a refugee camp.”

When addressing the coronavirus crisis, Trump warned that Biden could “paralyze the country, delay vaccination and prolong the pandemic.”

Public health experts say the nation would be in much better shape if the Trump administration had taken more aggressive action early on. And while repeating his prediction that he will win, Trump seemed indeed to face the prospect of defeat in November.


Slodysko reported from Washington.

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