Trump returns to the scene | Cuba Yes

The New York newspaper reported this Sunday, he will be one of the main speakers at the Conservative Political Action Conference that will take place in Orlando, Florida.

Its opening is scheduled for next Thursday and Trump’s intervention will be on Saturday, February 28.

This was confirmed by a spokesperson for that organization to The New York Post.

At the same time, El Diario Nueva York anticipates that Trump will make harsh criticisms of Joe Biden’s immigration policy, as well as address the future of the Republican Party and the conservative movement.

Organizers postponed confirmation of Trump’s attendance, due to the presidential transition and following the invasion of the Capitol by his supporters.

According to CNN, former Vice President Mike Pence declined the invitation to speak at the Conference, a gesture interpreted as part of the differences between the two figures.

A source told that Network that the organizers will try to change that position of Pence.

Marc Short, the former chief of his cabinet told CNN’s Pamela Brown on “Newsroom” days ago:

“We accept that Joe Biden is the duly elected president of the United States.”

The Virginia newspaper “Político” also announced that Mike Pence will not attend the event where Trump will speak.

CNN opined that his speech will mark the first public appearance after his departure from the White House.

At what point?

When high-ranking Republicans are divided on how to handle him alongside the recent visit of his loyalists in Florida.

This reaffirms that even when Trump left the White House, he retained an important influence in the political life of the United States, as shown by blackmailing his Party leaders in different instances.

Fact that could unfold, even more, facing the primary elections of 2022.

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