Trump sees possible that he will leave the US if he loses the elections

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, leaves open the possibility of leaving the country, if his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, wins the elections on 3-N.

“Can you imagine that I lose? What am I going to do the rest of my life? I am going to say that I have lost to the worst candidate in the history of politics. I may have to leave the country, I don’t know. “, said this Friday the current tenant of the White House.

Speaking to thousands of supporters at an electoral rally in Macon County, in the southeastern state of Georgia, Trump has acknowledged that, for him, it is a lot of pressure to compete with Biden in these presidential elections that will be held on May 3. November.

At another point in his speech, ignoring the medical recommendation on the use of the mask to avoid being infected with the new coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, the New York tycoon has criticized Biden for always using it in his public presentations.

“The mask he wears is so large that it covers his entire face (…) Biden will generate pessimism, poverty and decline,” has reproached Trump, who in most national polls appears behind the Democratic candidate.

At this juncture, the Republican ruler has argued, on some occasions, that the US elections are rigged and, on others, despite the fact that voting twice is a crime, has urged his supporters to vote by mail and then in person, to make sure your vote is counted.

Additionally, he has refused to commit to a peaceful handover of power in the event of an election defeat, prompting outraged reactions from both his Democratic opponent and within Republican ranks.



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