Trump tosses the tie during a campaign rally in Iowa

| 17/10/2020 – 6:35am (GMT-4)

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, held a massive campaign event on Friday in the city of Des Moines, in the state of Iowa, during which he took off his tie to the applause of his followers.

As soon as he got on stage, Trump put on a red cap with the slogan “Make America Great Again” and then asked his fans: “Should I take off my tie or not? What do you think? ? “

“I do not know, maybe yes?”. Trump continued before the crowd gathered at the local International Airport. The president then loosened his red tie and tossed it to the side of the stage.

“This way I feel much better. Now we can all relax and have a good time,” said Trump, who continued his speech without his traditional garment.

His campaign rally kept the same script as the previous ones, with attacks on his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

“I ran for president because I couldn’t sit still, watching the terrible injustices being done against the American people … I can’t just stand by and watch career politicians like Joe Biden continue to bleed this country to death.”

If something stands out in Donald Trump’s outfit, it’s the garish red ties that he usually wears. He even wore it on the day of his inauguration as president of the United States. Although throughout the campaign we have also seen him with a blue tie, and even with other patterns, red has been the dominant color. A choice that, according to some commentators, is not simply aesthetic.

Red is a color traditionally associated with strength and passion. By electing him, Trump wants to convey a message of strength and leadership. Especially if it is a blood red. Whoever chooses a tie of that color is trying to convey the message that he is a confident person and with whom he can maintain a relationship of trust.

Image analysts and publicists say that red ties are preferred by leaders and politicians who want to convey an image of authority, while blue would be more appropriate for the business world, as it could help establish good relationships.

The call power tie The one Trump leans toward is a classic ’80s model and the color is associated with Republicans. Also, do not forget that it is a product of its own brand, manufactured, by the way, in China.

The one from Iowa has been the third rally that the Republican candidate has held after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Last week, Trump was forced to take a campaign break to recover from his illness. and spent 72 hours admitted to the military hospital “Walter Reed”, outside of Washington.


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