Trump tried to start talks between the US and Venezuela

(CNN) — Venezuela’s embattled President Nicolás Maduro said that US President Donald Trump tried to start talks between the two countries on several occasions.

«[Donald Trump] He wanted to talk to me several times … and there was contact between special envoys, but, in the end, the established power prohibited it, “Maduro said in a statement.

Maduro said the talks failed due to the Trump administration’s support for opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

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«By refusing to enter into a dialogue with the government [Nacional de Venezuela] and by betting on the leadership of the self-proclaimed Juan Guaidó, the administration of Donald Trump headed towards a defeat for the foreign policy of the United States, ”Maduro said in the statement.

“Donald Trump was sold on the idea that Juan Guaidó was the great Venezuelan leader and would lead him to a great international political victory, but he has failed,” he added.

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