Trump visits Texas border in last days in office | U.S

WASHINGTON (AP) – After days without appearing in public after the siege of the Capitol, US President Donald Trump will travel to Texas to proclaim one of the pillars of his mandate: his campaign against illegal immigration.

Trump will fly to Alamo, Texas, a city in the Rio Grande valley near the Mexican border on Tuesday. The city is named after the San Antonio mission where a small group of Texas independence fighters defended themselves from the siege by Mexican forces for 13 days. Most of them died, but the mission became a symbol of resistance for the Texans, who would eventually defeat the Mexican army.

Undeniably symbolic of the president’s defiance, Trump’s visit comes as he spends the last days of his term isolated, aggrieved and contemplating a second impeachment after his supporters stormed the Capitol last week. passed in an attempt to prevent a peaceful transition of power.

His advisers have urged him to use his last days in the Oval Office to highlight what they consider to be the main achievements of his presidency: a huge tax cut, his attempts to overturn federal laws and transformation of the federal courts with the appointment. conservative judges. But Trump has repeatedly resisted these efforts and remains installed in the White House, behind closed doors, consumed by unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud and conspiracies.

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