Trump vs Biden: what is the Duverger law and why in the US does not win a candidate who is not Republican or Democrat

  • Pierina Pighi Bel (@PierinaPighi)
  • BBC World News

Three hours


A Democrat or Republican will occupy the White House until 2024.

In the presidential elections in the United States, a certainty persists throughout the years: the one who wins is always a Republican or Democratic candidate.

This will be the case in the elections on November 3, and this has been the case for more than 160 years, despite the fact that other groups or independent candidates have competed against them to occupy the White House.

This ingrained bipartisanship can find an explanation in an old “law” of political science, the “ley Duverger”, by Maurice Duverger, the French sociologist who spread the bases for this theory.

What does it say and to what extent is it fulfilled?

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