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Qualified insiders of the United States give us an idea of ​​what President Trump is. Nancy Isenberg, history teacher, author of White Trash: The Ignored 400 Years of American Social Class History: “This is Trump’s irony: he understands nothing about working people, he has never talked to them. He is a failed and indebted businessman. The reason a part of the white working class likes Trump is the way he talks: like an American tired of politics. Its rudeness makes it authentic. ” Something explains that opinion, although not everything, of how it achieves so much support. Miles Taylor, a former Homeland Security chief of staff, describes him as thoughtless, confrontational, mean and ineffective, “12-year-old boy in an air traffic control tower indiscriminately pressing buttons, indifferent to planes gliding down the runway ”. He was followed by harsh criticism from senior officials, including former Defense Secretary Mattis and national security adviser Bolton. Javier Solana, in an article in El País, says that Trump’s international action has undermined the prestige of his country and damaged international cooperation by proclaiming unilateralism and protectionism, confronting his European allies, supporting Brexit and weakening NATO. It abandoned the Kyoto Protocol and weakened the nuclear weapons control agreement. Withdrawn funding from WHO at the most critical moment of the pandemic. He believed Putin’s word before he believed his intelligence services. His impulsive and erratic policy benefited China and Russia, which have grown stronger at the expense of the United States. The failure of his populist policy in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, without advancing a millimeter in solving the problems, is because he only irresponsibly sought the votes of the recalcitrant, especially in Florida.

His handling of the pandemic makes his country the one with the highest number of deaths in the world. His first Secretary of the Environment was related to the production of pollutants. He tried to eliminate Obamacare, leaving the poorest unprotected. Inhumane to the children of immigrants. He doesn’t even hide his support for the White Supremacists.

He is also a bad loser. It tries, by all possible means, to deny, tarnishing it, the triumph of the candidate of the Democratic Party, declared the winner by obtaining a sufficient number of votes from the electoral college. He sows doubts about the electoral system of his country, decentralized and traditionally respected. He anticipated there would be fraud if he did not win. Most of the states where he claims are run by Republicans, who run the electoral systems, which amounts to spitting at the sky. The typical attitude of the cheater, who does not care about the truth or the institutions to achieve his purpose. Donald Trumposo.


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