Trump’s former secretary of state joins Fox News as an analyst

Former head of US diplomacy Mike Pompeo was hired by Fox News as a “collaborator”the conservatives’ favorite news channel announced Thursday.

“I intend to offer viewers a frank and direct look at the geopolitics, international relations, and politics of ‘America First.’ (“America First”) who have charted a course of unprecedented prosperity and security in America, “Mike Pompeo, who served under President Donald Trump, said in a statement.

The former secretary of state is “One of the most recognized and respected voices in the United States on foreign policy and security”said Suzanne Scott, editor of Fox News.

Secretary of State from April 2018 to January of this year, he had previously directed the CIA. Some see him with eyes on the White House for the 2024 presidential election.

Mike Pompeo recently joined calls for a boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics, saying the experts’ report on the origin of Covid-19 was “an online sham” with the “disinformation campaign” led by the Chinese Communist Party and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Pompeo led, on the American side, the confrontation between the Trump administration and China.

The former official has remained faithful in his support for Trump and, like the former president, has often shown in public an open contempt for the media.

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