Trump’s lawyer relates, without evidence, Indra to an electoral fraud of which there is no evidence

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Updated:11/14/2020 00:22h


The latest conspiratorial theory that Donald Trump and his allies air about the US elections affects a Spanish company, the technology company Indra. Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York and personal lawyer for the US president, said this week on Fox News that one of the software companies used in some states of the country, Dominion Voting Systems, belongs to the Spanish company.

“Dominion is owned by another company, Smartmatic, through an intermediary called Indra,” Giuliani said. «It was created in 2002 or 2003 by three Venezuelans very close to the dictator Chávez, and it was mounted to fix elections “, he added about Dominion, and later he confused his statement further:” Dominion is a Canadian company, but all its software is from Smartmatic, so all the votes go to Barcelona, ​​in Spain. ” Giuliani, who did not provide any proof of these statements, had warned the day before that he had information on “snitches” from Dominion.

Indra yesterday denied the claims of Giuliani, who was a prosecutor and mayor in New York and in recent years has been a murderer of shady Trump affairs, such as the search for damaging information about Joe Biden’s family. “Indra has never developed any electoral process management project with Dominion or Smartmatic,” company sources told ‘Vozpopuli’. “And it has never had any contractual or commercial relationship with these two companies, which are Indra’s competitors.”

Since the elections on November 3, Trump and his allies have tried to defend the existence of massive fraud. Last Saturday, Biden was confirmed as the winner after securing a number of more than 270 voters (the delegates who elect the president) in the projections made by the major US media.

The president, who was lower in the polls throughout the campaign, warned long before the election that there would be a “massive fraud“For the extension of voting by mail and that any result other than his victory would be a” rigged election. ”

With the results against him, Trump and his allies have doubled down on accusations of fraud, with no supporting evidence. One of them is around Dominion. On Thursday, Trump alleged, without proof, to the election software company, one among others used in different states, of “Delete” 2.7 million votes from you in all the country. In Pennsylvania, a critical state, he claimed that the company “traded 221,000” of his to Biden and that 941,000 votes that belonged to him were erased.

Trump’s allegations are unfounded. Several counties in Michigan and Georgia had problems with machines using Dominion software, but in neither case did the problems the president talks about. In a Michigan county 5,500 votes were counted in favor of Biden that were Trump’s, but it was proven a human error by the poll workers. Something similar happened in the other Michigan county. In three Georgia counties, the problems had to do with delays in counting, but not with errors.

Trump’s accusations contradict his own Administration’s analysis. “There is no evidence that any of the voting systems have eliminated or lost votes, changed votes or been manipulated in any way,” the Executive Committee of the Electoral Infrastructure Coordination Council, which reports to the Ministry of Security, said on Thursday. National. “The November 3 elections were the safest in US history,” he added.

After the publication of the statement, the person in charge of sending it, the director of the Cybersecurity agency of the Department of Homeland Security, Christopher Krebs, told several associates that he expected a quick dismissal, but that he did not care, according to Reuters.

Moments later, a group of more than 150 former national security officials warned in an open letter, which they hoped Trump would read, that delaying the transfer of powers represented “a serious risk to the country».

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