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Flags of the United States and Cuba on a wall in Havana last Monday.Ramon Espinosa / AP

The final weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency are an unfortunate culmination. After the disaster of his mandate, the defeated leader is engaged in a crazy career that only accumulates damage, of extreme gravity in domestic politics, such as the violent assault on the Capitol that he instigated in his harangues and tweets, but also of enormous importance in politics Exterior. The last of them has been the declaration of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism and its return to a list from which it had come out in 2015 by the hand of Obama. This is a wrong decision and also a particularly ironic act coming from a president who is going to be accused by Congress of “inciting violence”.

Trump’s foreign policy has been fundamentally about undoing everything that his predecessor had done and even doing the opposite. The tightening of the noose around Cuba, with the returns calculated in the face of the anti-Castro electorate in Florida, is the latest response to the open policy of Obama, the first US president to travel to the island and normalize relations with it. Throughout his tenure, Trump chose to approach international affairs in a logic of confrontation, the opposite of that of pursuing objectives through interaction (engagement) for which Obama chose. The unfortunate thing about these latest Trump decisions is that the objective is not even to complete a program with debatable tactics, but to hasten the destruction of the international liberal order as much as possible with a view to complicating things for Joe Biden.

Trump’s decisions on the Middle East respond to this will, complacent with Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, and aimed at making it difficult to recover from the nuclear disarmament agreement with Iran reached by Obama. The latest episode in favor of Riyadh is the inclusion of Yemen’s Houthi rebels as a terrorist organization.

In these weeks, in addition, Trump has accepted Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara and has lifted the diplomatic limitations imposed on Taiwan by the 1972 Shanghai Communiqué, which Washington and Beijing signed after the famous interview between Mao and Nixon.

It is not just a review of Obama’s foreign policy, but that Trump has broken the thread of a 70-year diplomacy and is rushing his last days, in the middle of a coup attempt against Congress, to add all the imaginable damage to America’s image and to work under Biden’s command of the mighty establishment organized around the State Department and the Pentagon.

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