“Truth Be Told”: Kate Hudson strengthens second season – “Almost Famous” star in series on Apple TV +

Celebrity reinforcement for “Truth Be Told”. For the second season of the series by Apple TV + Kate Hudson was signed. She takes on a new lead role in the anthology series, which tells a new story with new characters every season. Production for the new episodes will begin in Los Angeles at the end of October.

“Truth Be Told” was originally conceived as a miniseries, but was then extended by Apple TV + according to the anthology principle. Only Octavia Spencer as a journalist and true crime podcaster Poppy Parnell will return from the first season and meet new characters in a new case. Kate Hudson will play Micah Keith. She is a lifestyle guru and a longtime friend of Poppy Parnell. A new case in which both women are deeply involved soon puts their friendship to the ultimate test.

Kate Hudson is best known for her starring roles in Hollywood comedies such as “Almost Famous – Fast berühmt”, “How do I get rid of him – in 10 days” or “Bride Wars – Best Enemies”. On television she was in the fourth season of “Glee” to see.

“Truth Be Told” deals with the American obsession with reporting on legal cases and the new phenomenon of successful “True Crime” podcasts. Since the trial against OJ Simpson (1994/95) at the latest, court reporting in the USA has been caught in the tension between journalism and entertainment: There are documentaries for every major case, journalists publish non-fiction books that make it into the bestseller lists, and “new ones.” Revelations “dominate the news programs.

The first season of “Truth Be Told” was released in late 2019 and consists of eight episodes. It is not known when the second season will be released according to current planning.

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