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On Friday 20 March, the European Commission (EC) eased the rules on customer complaint refunds following the coronavirus pandemic.

Customers are encouraged to accept credit memos provided that they can request a full refund later if they are not used for a new booking.

The move was praised by Abta, who said the EC “recognizes that the strains have been placed on tour operators because of the coronavirus”.

“The PTD is the legal framework on which UK package travel regulations are based and we now need the UK government to follow the example of the European Commission and confirm a similar approach,” said a spokesman.

“This new guide will provide customers with the essential certainty that they will get a vacation or their money back, as well as provide a much needed helping hand to travel companies in these difficult and unprecedented times.”

Second The independent, Shapps will now accept the same change in the UK, with any customer who does not redeem their voucher who can claim the cash amount.

If a company goes bankrupt before the credit note is cashed, the Atol system will provide financial protection, The independent relationships.

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