Turkey accuses Armenia of committing war crimes in Azerbaijan

The European Union has called for caution and that hostilities and attacks on the civilian population by both countries cease

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has accused Armenia of perpetrating a war crime when bombing, in the middle of a ceasefire, the Azeri city of Ganyá, the second largest in the country, in an incident in which the Armenian government has categorically denied any responsibility.

“Armenia continues to commit war crimes by killing civilians, including children. Keeping silent in the face of these atrocities is the same as being an accessory to these murders. The inhumans will be held accountable for their crimes. We are always at the side of brother Azerbaijan, “the minister announced on his Twitter account.

Hours before, the Azeri government denounced an Armenian rocket bombardment against the city, which according to the latest official data would have left 13 dead and 52 wounded.

He attack has been condemned by the European Union. “We deplore the attacks on the Azerbaijani city of Ganyá that have resulted in the loss of civilian life and serious injuries. All parties must cease their attacks on civilians and facilities of the same nature, “according to a press release sent this Saturday by the EU’s External Action Service.

Likewise, Brussels asks the parties “to fully and promptly respect the ceasefire“between both sides on October 10 to break the escalation of violence over the disputed pro-Armenian enclave of Nagorno Karabakh.

For its part, the Armenian Foreign Ministry denounced on Twitter that at least three civilians had been injured, a serious one, in a bombing in the Sosh community.

Along the same lines, the country’s Ministry of Defense has assured that although during the night the conflict zone remained “relatively stable, but tense “, the Azeri forces have resumed bombing during the morning.

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